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Application and characteristics of honey dried powder

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Honey dry powder (also called solid honey) is a honey product made from natural honey. Honey powder is widely used in various types of food, such as baked goods, dairy products, frozen food, condiment, meat product, mixing drinks and confectionery foods, improve food quality, improve product quality.
  Honey powder product research and development success, greatly improved the food industry on the application of the honey, a natural ingredient in depth and breadth, expand the scope of the use of natural honey, solved the food industry production to use but difficult problem, to add to the large scale production enterprise product improvement and innovation has played a key breakthrough role.


1、In baked goods
    Can be widely used in bread, cakes, cookies, moon cakes, etc. All kinds of baked goods, and make all kinds of premixed powder, can be used as product ingredients and nutrients, can also be used as no sucrose sweeteners, specific functions are as follows.
To improve the structure of the baking products and make the product shape and elasticity;
Diction, improving product shape and taste, more water in the baked goods within help product moist and soft state, in the high sugar content, water less product can promote the formation of hard brittle or crisp taste;
The large amount of monosaccharide contained in honey dried powder (honey) can be directly used as the main energy source for yeast fermentation, which can promote the propagation and fermentation of yeast.
(4), honey in the cooking process can make the product form golden brown or tan skin and baking aroma, and coloring time is short, can be appropriately reduce the baking time and temperature, is a good natural colorants;
[5], honey in the dough mixing process hydration, which can effectively improve the dough and the physical properties, adjust the bilge embellish degrees of gluten, increase the plasticity of the dough, make the product contour artistic, decorative pattern is clear, still can prevent product shrinkage deformation;
The natural fructose in honey is absorbent and moisturizing, which is conducive to making all kinds of high-water-content pastries, and can make the baked goods such as bread and cake stay soft for a long time.
Once, honey can not only enhance baking powder products has its own unique flavor, can effectively restrain the bad smell, improve product performance, such as can remove eggs smell is added in the cake and all kinds of bad astringency, is used in the moon cake crust can greatly shorten the oil return time.
It is suitable for large scale industrial production and is suitable for use in the central factory or other refrigerated dough factory.


  Apply it in bread
  Honey dry powder effectively improves the texture properties of bread, improves the elasticity, cohesion and recovery of bread, and can reduce the hardness of bread core and improve the quality of bread. Honey dry powder can increase the ratio of bread to a certain extent, improve the taste of the bread, reduce the cost, and the quality is better.


  Apply it in the cake
  In the use of honey cake powder can significantly improve the taste and aroma of the cake, hide nothing, egg and oil can significantly improve the hardness of the cake, cohesiveness, elasticity and resilience, add honey powder cake the overall organizational structure is relatively soft, internal are golden color and return oil can obviously shorten the time and at the same time improve the cake chromatically speed, so add the honey powder cake should adjust when baking baking time and temperature.


  It's used in cookies
  Add honey powder can significantly improve the toughness of cookies and crisp cookies smell and taste, the appropriate proportion of honey powder in the combination of milk powder to make cookies with rich milk incense, make product becomes crispy. To tenacity biscuit hardness significantly increased after adding honey powder, honey powder can promote the toughness of biscuits color at the same time, and can significantly improve the toughness of cookies smell and taste makes better toughness cookies taste crispy.


  The application of mooncakes
The skin is crystal clear, bright and attractive, and the texture of cotton sand.
The oil can be shortened by more than half of the time when the oil is added to the oil.
The quality of the mooncakes can be improved by improving the quality of the mooncakes.
To reduce the use of sucrose, which is suitable for more people to eat;


2、In dairy products and cold drinks

  It can best integrate the flavors of several different ingredients in the product and highlight and achieve the characteristics that the final product pursues. In particular, the rough taste and bad flavor of middle and low grade products have obvious masking, inhibition and modification of good function. At the same time, it can also indirectly play the role of the base material, making its final product taste full, full-bodied, fine and smooth, and taste natural. The product is an ideal auxiliary material which can not be matched by any additive in its comprehensive advantages and functions. Use honey powder, liquid milk, cold drink products in the pure milk fragrance, flavor of peanuts, stay on the flavor of the product and chocolate flavor, sweet taro, nutty flavor, grain, etc all can get the best taste and natural flavor.
 It also has the advantages of small surface harvesting, small ice crystal, more delicate structure, more chewy texture and more anti - thawing.
 There are obvious differences between the function and the advantages of the liquid honey in the dry powder and the traditional meaning. Honey honey powder from liquid on food hygiene safety has its special advantages, such as invisible to the naked eye of impurities in the liquid honey, abundant sugar yeast resistance, all kinds of pollen allergy source potential risk, cause instability to the final product will lead to a good many problems such as liquid honey can't adapt to the needs of large-scale industrialized continuous production.


3、In the ice cream

    Honey powder used in ice cream product source began in the United States, in North America and Europe of the ice cream industry after years of application in practice, the formation of fixed mature production and processing technology, replacing part of the fresh milk and milk powder in the product. Honey dried powder is a natural food additive that integrates natural, nutritional, health, functional and lower cost of production in ice cream products.



It is embodied in the following aspects:

 (1), improve and enhance the taste and flavor of ice cream products, honey powder indirect have played an important role in base incense base, make the products produced by the taste and flavor is unmatched by any artificial sugar spices, really achieve its fresh, soft waxy, lasting aftertaste;
 (2), The anti - solubility of products. Because of natural honey has its unique hold water moisturizing effect, so as to make the product's resistance to improve solubility, at the same time the bee powder also has a thickener, binder and the effect of stabilizing agent, is also the best incremental agent;
 (3), Because the PH of natural honey tends to be acidic, the use of honey powder in ice cream products can effectively inhibit the production of some harmful microorganisms.
 (4), The structure of ice cream products is more delicate, and has the functions of dry surface and small ice crystals.
 (5), Easy to add, easy to add, easy to quantify, ensure product hygiene index requirements. Do not change, do not affect the existing production process, production use, especially suitable for large scale food industry in the comprehensive promotion product quality at the same time, also can effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises, especially for high quality ice cream products.

4、In the meat product category

  Honey powder application in meat products industry, is the innovation of traditional production ingredients, can not only improve meat flavor, texture and color, and can remove red, fresh, greasy solution, etc, so as to achieve the ideal goal, at the same time also can improve the production rate of products.
  Honey dry powder shows better water retention effect, so that the product's hardness is reduced, the water content is improved, the taste is more tender and the texture is beautiful. The natural fructose, glucose and a variety of natural amino acids characteristic of honey dried powder can make the product color natural, bright and attractive, and protect the color for a long time.

5、Other products
  Such as plant lipid butter, peanut butter, health care products, such as honey powder used in the product, can adjust and modify product aroma, make its natural, mellow, and at the same time can also have the effect of cover up bad smell, make the products smooth and exquisite, full taste, with a natural, improve product taste and flavor.

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