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Warmly welcome teachers and students from nanchang university to visit our factory

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On January 12, 2017, in the drizzle, JiangXi cereal food co., LTD welcomed a group of teachers and students from nanchang university. The team was taught by professor xiong and all the teachers and students under his laboratory.



  Mr. Ding, the general manager, welcomed the visit and arranged for the administration department to arrange the reception. This reception is 4 hours, from daily work to workshop production, through close personal experience, we have consolidated theoretical knowledge and enriched practical operation.
  In the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building, our technician (former nanchang university student) summarized the current situation and development of the company's products. The personnel manager led them to visit the office environment of the company, detailed the treatment of the company's technology department and the daily workflow, and hoped to attract more talented people to supplement the fresh blood.



  In the production workshop, the manager of the quality control department led the people to visit and learn the whole process of products from raw material acceptance, mixed pulping, roller drying, packaging, inspection, qualified warehousing and factory production. During this time, everyone was in close contact with the production staff, and everyone was enthusiastic.




  Everyone in this visit, in close contact with the factory the whole process, relevant equipment and corresponding supporting facilities, the combination of theory with practice, everyone said for future study and work is full of expectation.

  The visit process, the company and the teachers and students are very satisfied, nanchang university classmates let us once again saw the young people dare to think, of youthful vitality, "and will be more straight to the sea in full sail", the company is needs the positive energy booster set sail tomorrow.