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Warmly welcome the director hu hanping of the provincial department of agriculture to inspect and gu

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 On October 17, 2017 in the afternoon, in jiangxi province agriculture department in yi chun city vice mayor QiHaiYun, han-ping hu superintendent and heptyl gaoan committee secretary of the yuan, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of jin-song pan, etc., accompanied to the company inspection, guidance, accompanied by Ding Dehua company general manager and other leaders.

  During the visit, han-ping hu listened to our general manager Ding Dehua director-general of the line is Jiangxi Cereal food co., LTD., 2017, analyses the management goal, this paper expounds the company facing the opportunities and challenges, and the company future development direction and strategy for the promotion.
  After listen to the report of company general manager Ding Dehua, director-general of the comrade han-ping hu affirmation of the company's development and strategic planning, guidance and Suggestions were put forward, and emphasized to forge a modern agricultural industry system, vigorously promote agricultural supply side structural reform, speed up the transformation of the mode of agricultural development, strengthen the modern agricultural comprehensive productivity, agricultural brand construction characteristics.

  When inspecting the workshop, hu hanping was in detail about the company's production process. Encourage enterprises to modern agriculture centered at the same time, combined with local agricultural characteristics, actively cultivate strengthen agricultural new industries and new formats, to speed up the convergence, create new agricultural economic growth, creating, reproducible new agricultural development pattern which can be promoted. To further increase r&d investment, based on the local, produce high-quality goods, to build the regional characteristic agricultural brand; At the same time, we will further expand production scale, strengthen the construction of raw materials, and promote the construction of core competitiveness of enterprises.
  The arrival of comrade hu hanping, head of the department of agriculture and agriculture of the province, fully indicates that Jiangxi Cereal food co., LTD. has been recognized by the society in the process of development, and the leader is sure. Company will, as always, to fulfill "the pursuit of excellence quality to meet customer demand" of the enterprise mission, continuously enterprising, expand innovation, to create efficient, sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, to become China's first-class natural, healthy and nutrient food manufacturers!

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